Umbria and Tuscany offer a good quality of grapes, favoured by the favourable climatic and soil conditions of the region.  Many excellent wines come from these regions, like the Grechetto, wine of ancient traditions, lauded by Pliny the Elder, the Rosso of Montfalco, a purple coloured wine with a harmonious and velvety flavour, the Sagrantino Passito, of ruby red colour and delicate aroma, the Orvieto Classico, the white wine which was already famous in Etruscan times, the Vino Nobile of Montepulciano and of course Chianti.





Wine Tasting course at Spello 


Give yourself more knowledge about wine & food. In a typical a typical Umbrian wine-bar you will have this fascinating lesson of about two-three hours in which you discover typical Umbrian wines. Together with the experienced sommelier Maurizio, you will examine these wines in a professional and surprising way. He will teach you to fully understand this product of the fertile Umbrian land and how to combine its taste in the best way with local products. After this course it is possible to go for a visit in an organic winery and cheese farm in the Montefalco D.o.c.g. zone. Together with Maurizio you will visit the winery to learn more about wine-making and tasting wines. 




For beginners and for whom has already some knowledge of wines


on request


min. 2 persons 


about 2-3 hrs / with visit of the winery in Montefalco 6 hrs


wine-tasting lesson 

75 p.p.
wine-tasting lesson and visit with a tasting at the organic farm
140 p.p.




WINE TASTING at an organic wine farm in the Assisi D.o.c. area



Visiting the wine cellars of an organic  wine grower near Assisi:


For years now the owner of the vineyards has been tending the earth with love and respect according to the family wine- and olive oil-making traditions. Synthetic chemicals, pesticides and  herbicides are not used at all and all the grapes are the fruit of their own vines. Skilful experimentation and innovation of the products have brought the family to such a high level of wine making that they have won various regional and national prizes over the years.    



Their wines

Bianco di Assisi d.o.c., Assisi Grechetto d.o.c., Rosato di Assisi, Assisi 

Rosso d.o.c., Renaro, Marilu', Sacreterre, Muffa Reale, Valditufo,     

Olio extra vergine di oliva and balsamic vinegar.





Visit winery  and taste the excellent wines combined with cheeses and bruschetta with the tasteful green extra vergine olive oil. Wine-tasting: 15,00 p.p.




Visit the winery, taste the wines during a lunch: salami, cheeses, bruschette, soup or risotto or pasta, dolce min. of 2 persons: 

2 persons 40,00 p.p. 

3 -6 persons 35,00 p.p.