This Tour “Truffle Hunting” will make your day absolutely special! Experience this old tradition of Umbria, the region producing the highest number of black truffles in Italy. Truffle in Umbria is also known as “the king of the table” or 'Black Diamond', since it fetches a high price.
This because truffles are precious, rare, delicious; hunting truffle means walking, knowing the territory, loving dogs and preserving land for future generations, respecting nature, it is hard work.



In the morning, you leave with your tour guide towards the gentle hills between Assisi and Spoleto. You will go together with his dogs and reach your destination after a short drive. Dogs will be leading you, hunting for precious black truffles of Umbria. You will have your experience of a lifetime. With the help of dogs you will be able to pick up black truffles and taste them on site. Your guide will have a pan and all necessary equipment for a small picnic/breakfast with eggs, truffles, salami and cheese. Later or in the afternoon, you will visit a dairy farm, where traditional cheese is being produced, still according to ancient procedures. Full lunch, including a first course with truffle picked from you.



Truffle hunting in Umbria, Italy, is one of a kind experience! Join us for a special day of truffle hunting and traditional Umbrian cuisine!

PDF of the program with more information