In Umbria are many different stitch art crafts, but one of the most famous techniques is certainly the Assisi stitch (Punto Assisi), an embroidery coming from the Italian town Assisi and surroundings. We don't know much from its origins, because by word of mouth mothers learn their daughters stitching, but that it was already known in the Middle Ages we can see in a fresco in the basilica of S.Francis, where a tablecloth is decorated with 'Punto Assisi'.







From generation on generation the women of Assisi and surroundings 

have decorated with much fantasy their towels, table-covers, curtains and even their clothes and those of their children.


The Assisi Stitch is usually embroidered on natural white linen of equal weight warp and woof. Black embroidery floss is widely used for the 'tracing' of the design. The traditional colours for  the filling are red, light blu, light brown and green . The outline is made using a  glove or running stitch, taking up three threads and passing over three threads; then coming back over the parts left uncovered. The background is filled in with cross stitch; first half cross stitches all worked in the same direction, then the crosses are completed.


Literature and models:

* Punto Assisi, Editrice Minerva 1998





A Dutch and English site with a lot of information about Punto Assisi and models you find on: 


Museum del Ricamo in Valtopina