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A pilgrimage walking holiday of 8 or 10 days



this tour won the award 'Premio Culturale Unesco' 2010



A pilgrimage walk in the heart of the beautiful green Umbria, where lies the medieval town of Assisi, where St Francis was born. The walks of this tour (a 9 day and a 12 day version) will take you through exciting colourful landscapes with unique views. You will pass many monuments and sites which preserve the memory of Saint Francis and his companions. This tour largely follows the two well-known Franciscan walking trails: the 'Sentiero Franciscano', which connects Nocera with Assisi, and the 'Sentiero della Pace' between Assisi and Gubbio.






Programme 8 days

Day 1  Arrival Assisi B&B

Day 2 To Vescia passing Spello HB

Day 3 To Nocera Umbra HB

Day 4 To Costa di Trex HB

Day 5 To Valfabbrica HB

Day 6 To Biscina HB

Day 7 to Gubbio B&B

Day 8 departure


Programme 10 days

Day 1  Arrival Assisi B&B

Day 2 Circular route Assisi B&B

Day 3 To Vescia passing Spello HB

Day 4 circular route to abbey of Sassovivo

Day 5 To Nocera Umbra HB

Day 6 To Costa di Trex HB

Day 7 To Valfabbrica HB

Day 8 To Biscina HB

Day 9 to Gubbio B&B

Day 10 departure




Programme 8 days


Day 1

Arrival  at Assisi. 

Your overnight stay will be in a hotel with a swimming pool close (900 m.) to the historical centre of Assisi.


Day 2 

Assisi - Spello- Vescia

Today's walk will take you first to the medieval Spello and then to Vescia. The route follows the slopes of Mount Subasio passing amongst olive groves with astounding views. Spello is built on the slopes of Mount Subasio .  This little town has Roman origins, as we are reminded by several features including the porta Venere and porta Consolare town gates and the remains of a Roman theatre outside the town walls. Don’t forget to admire the colourful fresco’s by Pinturicchio in the church S.Maria Maggiore. Your overnight stay is in an restored 'Frantoio' (olive oil mill) of the 16th century.

walking time: 5 1/2 hours (18 km / 11,2 miles)


Day 4 

Vescia-Nocera Umbra

This lovely walk through the valley of the river Topino will take you among villages like Capodacqua and past the ruins of castles and towers to Nocera Umbra. In the summer of 1226 St. Francis became very ill on one of his travels and had to be brought back to Assisi urgently. On his way back he and his fellow travellers stayed for the night in the Franciscan monastery of Nocera. Your overnight stay will be in a hotel in the town centre.

walking time: 5 hours 50 min (18 km / 11,2 miles)


Day 5 

Il sentiero francescano: Nocera Umbra - Costa di Trex

Today's route follows the Franciscan walking path 'Sentiero Francescano', which reminds us of the last journey of St.Francis (September 1226). Nowadays this last journey is still remembered with the 'cavalcata di Satriano' , when horsemen from all over Umbria, dressed in medieval clothes, ride the same trail as the horsemen of 1226. This route crosses the National Park of Monte Subasio. Your overnight stay will be on a holiday farm near Assisi (5 km).

walking time: 6 hours (19 km / 11,8 miles)


Day 6 

Il sentiero francescano and sentiero della pace: Costa di Trex - Assisi - Valfabbrica

The Franciscan walking trail continues to Assisi. You will leave the town through the porta S.Giacomo gates. You will walk then along the Franciscan route 'Sentiero della pace', which connects Assisi with Gubbio and reminds us of the journeys of St.Francis between these two towns.

walking time: 5 hours (15 km / 9,3 miles)


Day 7  


Il sentiero della Pace: Valfabbrica - Castle of Biscina

The second stage of the 'Sentiero della Pace' leads to the castle of Biscina. This section passes through the hills along the valley Chiascio. It will take you past the Benedictine church of Barcaccia, the ruins of the castle and the monastery of Coccoran. Its a day full of marvellous views on mountain tops, castles and green deep valleys. You will stay the night on a holiday farm near the castle of Biscina 

walking time: 4,30 hours (16 km / 9,9 miles)


Day 8

Il sentiero della pace: Biscina  - Gubbio

The last stage of the 'Sentiero della pace', past the church of Caprignone and the hermitage of S.Pietro in Vigneto, and of this walking tour takes you to Gubbio, a town built on the slopes of Monte Ingino. Also Gubbio is closely linked with the life of St.Francis, who came here as a beggar. In this town he found shelter thanks to his friend the textile merchant Spadalunga, who not only gave him a place to sleep but clothes to dress himself. This simple straight dress became the prototype of the Franciscan tunic. The church and monastery of St.Francis is built on the site of Spadalunga's house. You will stay in a hotel near the church of St.Francis.

walking time 6 hours (20 km / 12,4 miles)


Day 9


Gubbio has a bus link with Perugia: a journey of a little more than an hour. From Perugia you can take the train to Assisi or one of the airports for your flight home.






Programme 12 days


The 8 days tour can be extended with two extra nights in:


Assisi : A circular walk through Assisi and in its surroundings

This walk will take you among the best-known Franciscan monuments in and around Assisi . It starts at the Porta Cappuccini town gate. From here you walk up through the woods of Mount Subasio to the hermitage ‘Eremo delle Carceri’ (830m a.s.l.), where St. Francis and his companions retreated to meditate and pray in the silence of the woods.  A steep descent brings you back to Assisi where the town walk will take you round the Basilica of St. Francis, where he is buried,  the Basilica of St.Clare, housing the cross which spoke to St. Francis, his birthplace and the monastery of San Damiano After your visit of this monastery you can choose to go back to your hotel or to continue your walk downhill to the village of S.Maria degli Angel (210m a.s.l.) to visit the impressive basilica. From here the local bus will take you back to Assisi . Walking time:: 5 hours (15 km / 9,3 miles)



This walk will lead you to highlights such as the waterfalls of the Altolina river and the Benedictine abbey of Sassovivo (11th cent.). After the village of Belfiore the trail leads you into the mountains. Passing the waterfalls of the Altolina you will reach the hamlet of Pale. Another climb will bring you to the abbey of Sassovivo, situated in an old home oak woodland. The finest architectural feature of the entire abbey is certainly the cloister with the double order columns, surmounted by lily-shaped capitols From here you turn back to your B&B in Vescia.

Walking time: 4 hours (12 km / 7,5 miles)



The walking tour includes

  • 7 or 9 overnight stays with breakfast in holiday farms, a B&B, ** and *** hotels

  • 5 or 6 times dinner

  • luggage transportation

  • route notes (in Italian, English or Dutch) and maps

  • tour information (hotel list, brochures)

  • local back-up service

  • route briefing on arrival day in your hotel




Daily from the 1st April  until the beginning of November (in winter on request)

Group Tours 

on request for groups of min. 4 persons

Level 3

For walkers with experience. Routes middle/high landscapes with some steep climbs. Day distances between 15-25 km with an average of 3 km an hour. Walking over footpaths, mountain tracks, forest trails and little road walking.

Price p.p. 2018

8 days tour: in a double bedroom     € 660,00

8 days tour: single room     € 795,00

8 days tour: travelling alone   € 840,00

Half board supplement  ( 2 dinners)  € 38,00

10 days tour: in a double bedroom     € 783,00

10 days tour: single room     € 935,00

10 days tour: travelling alone   € 980,00

Half board supplement  ( 3 dinners)  € 57,00



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